SM099 - SAWDOC - System Help file
Version 1.22

SAWDOC - Known Fitments
Vehicle makes, models and variants known or believed to be using this vehicle system, required diagnostic lead and degree of known compatibility.

Vehicle Make Vehicle Model Vehicle Variant Diagnostic Lead
Land Rover Freelander 2003- Black OBD 2

SAWDOC - Physical Details

SM099 - SAWDOC - Diagnostic Capabilities (Read Fault Codes)
Reads the fault code memory. The ECU can self detect around 78 different problems with itself, its wiring and its associated sensors, storing the respective code if it detects any malfunction or reading outside of predefined acceptable limits. Not all stored faults may cause the fault warning lamp to illuminate.

SM099 - SAWDOC - Diagnostic Capabilities (Clear Fault Codes)
Clears the fault code memory.

SM099 - SAWDOC - Diagnostic Capabilities (Settings)
Values, configuration settings and other stored information which can be read from the ECU. Read settings can also be stored as a standard HTML page for reference. These pages can then later be re loaded

  • Part Number: This is the manufacturer's part number for the ECU.
  • Hardware Number: This is the hardware version which denotes the processor and circuit board type.
  • Coding Index: This the coding identification for the programming maps.
  • Diagnostic Index: This is a number that indicates the diagnostic capabilities support level.
  • Date of Manufacture: This is the date when the unit was built.
  • Software Version: This denotes the coding inside the processor for the hardware.
  • Supplier Code: A number which defines the supplier using a standard look up list of supplier ECU manufacturer numbers.
  • VIN: This is vehicle's identification number.

SM099 - SAWDOC - Missing Functions
The following functions are required to be carried out after replacement of the Sawdoc ecu. As this module does not yet have this capability, the work must be carried out by a dealer

  • Key Learn: All original keys must be learnt to the new ecu.
  • Key Enable/Disable: Function to enable and disable keys to work with the Sawdoc.
  • Synchronisation: The Sawdoc has to be synchronised to the EMS.