Product Code : SM018

EUR 98.00 (excl. VAT)
EUR 116.62 (incl. VAT)

ECU Type: ABS / ETC (Anti-lock Braking / Traction Control)


A much evolved and modular ABS (Anti-Lock Braking) system, designed and manufactured by Wabco which in this variation includes 4 wheel ETC (Electronic Traction Control). It is fitted to the Range Rover MKII (P38) from the 1999 MY replacing the older type C. Wabco refer to this generation of modular ECUs of which this is one of the family members as the "D types" with the previous generation being dubbed "Type Cs". It is interesting to note how much smaller this generation of ECUs are compared to their forefathers. It has a sophisticated fault memory which can be read and cleared and it also gives a substantial range of dynamic information values which are best studied by downloading our demonstration software. It also allows the driving of a wide selection of outputs which enables testing of all of the valves for ABS and ETC also as the electronic speedometer is driven by this system. A vast array of settings are also available diagnostically together with the vehicle's VIN number which can be changed at will.

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