Our range of diagnostic systems covers all Land Rover, Rover and MG Vehicles. Over the years we have modified, refined and upgraded these systems so they stay at the cutting edge of diagnostic innovation. They cater for the needs of everyone, from the busiest garage to the dedicated private owner and enthusiast.


Faultmate MSV-2

The FAULTMATE MSV-2 vehicle servers, that form the heart of our systems are by a very long way the most advanced we have ever created, they not only have all the functional benefits of their predecessors all rolled into one, but they are very beautifully finished and also have vastly higher processing speeds and storage capacity.

They come in two versions, the very small MSV-2 NANO and the longer MSV-2 EXTREME that incorporates a built in LCD display and custom keypad that allows it to be used in stand alone mode in some situations as well as connected to a PC. Both versions have the option to include a built in Vehicle Communication Interface 1 and both are 3-in-1 license / ID hardware equipped.


Faultmate FCR

The Faultmate FCR is a stand alone Fault Code Reader which does just that --Reads and Clears Fault Codes. However, this is not one of those Engine Only generic OBD Scan Tools. As you would expect from Blackbox Solutions, the Faultmate FCR is designed and manufactured specifically for reading and clearing all possible fault codes on every system with built-in self diagnostic capability on board each Land Rover model it covers. The amount of systems over and above the Engine Only the Faultmate FCR covers is staggering.


EAS Kicker

This compact little EAS Kicker device, housed in its smart matt black anodised aluminium case is the answer to so many Range Rover owners’ prayers. This low cost and fully portable tool will allow its owner to read and clear fault codes on any Range Rover Electronic Air Suspension, no matter where they may be in the world or how close the nearest civilisation may be.


Blackbox Basic Bits

Basic Bits it's a range of products designed to do specific jobs in the most cost effective and efficient way possible. Each tool is a self contained unit that does one specific task that Land Rover owners, new to vehicle diagnostics, can use with ease. Most of these products automatically do their job as soon as they are plugged into the vehicle without requiring any further input from the user.



CAN-BLOCK is designed to block access to the Keyless module which can be electronically accessed and exploited. This small tool can be fitted anywhere in the vehicle and only requires basic electrical knowledge, once fitted only the installer will know the secure location of this device.


Steering wheel conversion kit

This Steering Wheel Convertion Kit will convert a Discovery 4 or Sport 10+ steering wheel to be used on a Discovery 3 or Sport 05-09. There are add-on accessories for those wanting to instal the heated steering wheel, active cruise control and the paddle shift.


Vehicle Explorer

Vehicle Explorer is the ultimate user interface software. Supplied free with any of our vehicle server based systems, our feature packed Vehicle Explorer menu software makes accessing the systems on any vehicle, viewing information and changing settings as easy and familiar as surfing the internet.


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