EAS Kicker


The compact little EAS Kicker device, housed in its smart matt black anodised aluminum case is the answer to so many Range Rover owners prayers. Designed as an absolutely unique product and quite specifically in response to massive demand, this is a low cost and fully portable tool that will allow its owner to read and clear fault codes on any Classic or P38 Range Rover Electronic Air Suspension system (EAS), no matter where you might be in the world or how close the nearest civilisation may be.

The EAS Kicker can automatically detect whether it is connected to a Classic or P38 variant of the Range Rover and as such it will work seamlessly on either.

Furthermore the EAS Kicker is also flash memory based, meaning it can be connected to a PC by the supplied lead to update itself. Although we are sure it will not be needed for this purporse, it allows not only for any possible bugs to be rectified but more significantly for retro upgrading the EAS Kicker to later software versions or enhance its functionality without having to send it back.

The EAS Kicker device comes complete with its own update lead and has a number of individually selectable options to connect to respective vehicles. Note the leads are back compatible with our traditional diagnostic systems. It also comes as a variety of Kits which represent some savings over purchasing the items seperately.