VCI2 OBDII Diagnostic Lead (CAN Network)

Product Code : LD020

EUR 93.00 (excl. VAT)
EUR 110.67 (incl. VAT)


The second of two Vehicle Communications Interfaces (hence "VCI 2") this intelligent microprocessor-based VCI2 is built using super miniature components. This is specifically to facilitate being housed inside an OBDII plug body making a separate OBDII lead unnecessary. The VCI2 translates standard serial data and has its own embedded control and command set which allows the vehicle server to communicate with a wide variety of CAN bus speeds and types. As well as being able to route CAN communications to non standard pin configurations as used on Ford / Land Rover vehicles. It can also communicate with BMW DS2 Bus, ISO 9141 and Keyword protocol 2000 compatible ECUs. This makes it able to cope with some later Land Rovers which use a mix of CAN bus, BMW DS2 bus and other ISO standard ECUs on the same vehicle.

The VCI-2 Plugs straight to the Vehicle Server, even if it is a version of the FAULTMATE MSV-2 that has a built in VCI 1, and can be more securely attached by use of the additional screw Kit AC020.