Product Code : SM005

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The Automatic Temperature Control made By Nippon Denso and fitted in the Discovery series II. This self contained dash mounted module is a strange addition in a Land Rover vehicle. Japanese ingenuity and technology make this a simple looking box with a few buttons on it and a simple LCD display does everything itself by pressing the buttons on the panel in a special sequence it can be made to perform a self test and display a list of stored fault codes. Available as an upgrade, ROVACOM LITE gives all of the information that you could ever wish for about the unit, its connections and what each and every fault code means. It gives examples of causes and solutions, resistance values and much much more. Fixed faults are automatically deleted from the memory of the ATC.

ECU Type: Climate Control (HEVAC)


We have only ever seen the ATC Automatic Temperature Control system, manufactured by Nippon Denso, fitted as standard in all variants of the Discovery series II. So the unit could well have been custom designed for this application. The main control / display unit is quite obviously of eastern origin with its large custom graphical LCD display and multifunction usage. There are many secret tricks and features possible with this ECU and for security reasons we have not listed them here. Also it should be noted that the help pages are not installed with the system unless ATC has been licensed on the Vehicle server.

Land Rover Discovery II All Models N/A

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