Product Code : SM009

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EUR 208.25 (incl. VAT)

An improved engine management system, designed by Bosch, fitted to 4.0 & 4.6 V8 engines. This is a very well known engine management chosen by many vehicle manufacturers, especially German manufacturers like BMW.

ECU Type: Petrol Engine Management Systems (EMS)


Quite a sophisticated Petrol Engine management system. Manufactured by Bosch, this ECU was one of the first Flash memory based ECUs with a huge memory the entire code that controls its functionality including its self diagnostic capability. It has capability to incorporate and control many additional sub systems such as evaporative control used in LEV (Low Emission Vehicle) applications and Secondary Air injection, although not fitted in all markets. Although used extensively in quite a variety of BMW models and having many other mentions, the system was also fitted as a replacement of the previous Lucas Sagem Gems engine management into the petrol versions of the P38 Range Rover after the 1999 model Re vamp and stayed in service to the end of production. It was also utilised In the V8 variant of the Discover series II. Having CAN bus communication capability, the system co exists with a new auto box control system giving much smoother drivability.

The ECU support the limited degree of information and fault codes provided for by enforced OBDII compliance, but of course there many more fault codes, functions and features that this module gives access to beyond simple OBDII compatibility, including security link learning and re synchronization. The Module also gives access to the diagnostic capabilities provided in the sub systems that are not fitted in all markets.

Vehicle Make Vehicle Model Vehicle Variant Diagnostic Lead
Land Rover Discovery II ALL Black OBDII Lead
Land Rover Range Rover (P38) 1999> Black OBDII Lead
BMW Assorted Unknown Unknown

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