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The MPS (Multi Point Sensing) airbag system, designed and manufactured by TRW, fitted across the whole Land Rover model range up until mid 1996 when it was replaced with the (SPS) (Single Point Sensing) airbag system. Airbag ECUs are often referred to as DCUs (Diagnostic Control Units) because of the fact that they do very extensive diagnostic tests themselves. This means that no dynamic information is made available, neither are there any outputs which can be driven. It does however have an extensive fault memory function which can be read and cleared. 

ECU Type: Safety restraint Systems (Airbag)


A far from bland coloured box, this Red & Yellow ECU is instantly recognizable. It is one of the earliest TRW Airbag systems and had no internal impact sensors relying instead on two external sensors mounted directly behind each headlamp on the inner wings. Whilst the ECU itself may be buried anywhere in the vehicle these sensors are easy to spot especially as they are always either bright Yellow or Orange. Indeed the wiring of the entire Airbag system is independent to the vehicle and covered in bright yellow flexible conduit or tape to specifically denote its usage from other wiring as a safety related matter. Looking for these sensors is the easiest way to determine if a vehicle built in 1996 when this system was replaced across the entire model range, has this ECU or the TRW SPS1 which replaced it. Although in all other countries this ECU was changed to the later SPS type 1, it seems that North American Range Rovers (P38), continued to have it fitted until 1999. The MPS designation is in respect of Multi Point Sensing.

Land Rover Range Rover MK I (Classic) 1994> Green Airbag Lead
Land Rover Discovery < 1996 Green Airbag Lead
Land Rover Range Rover MK II (P38) (non NAS) < 1996 Black OBDII Lead
Land Rover Range Rover MK II (P38) NAS ONLY <1999 Black OBDII Lead
Rover Rover 800 < 1996 Black OBDII Lead

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