Product Code : SM016

EUR 140.00 (excl. VAT)
EUR 166.60 (incl. VAT)

ECU Type: ABS / ETC (Anti-lock Braking / Traction Control)


The very flexible multifunction unit made by Wabco and fitted to the Discovery series II. The ECU has a number of distinctly different functions which although they are housed in the same case, share many of the same input values and all conspire on how to drive the output valves, relays and solenoids at any given time. The range of functions includes Anti Lock Braking, 4 Wheel Traction Control, Electronic Air Suspension, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Self Leveling and Hill Descent Control. It interconnects with virtually every other vehicle system and can even raise or lower the vehicle under the control of an external key fob. Not surprisingly, SLABS gives a vast range of input information diagnostically and allows the driving of a large range of outputs. The settings and information available is also very substantial with internally changeable values and statii being easily modifiable at will. Individual parts of the system can be enabled or disabled, the VIN number can be changed and transport lock modes set or cleared. Bleeding of the brake system is catered for as is all of the air suspension valve testing. Of course it also has all standard fault code memory functions too.

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