Product Code : SM025

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EUR 135.66 (incl. VAT)

The EAS (Electronic Air Suspension) system, designed and manufactured by Dunlop, as fitted to the classic Range Rover. It has a fault memory which we can read and clear, it also gives us a range of dynamic information values, which are; for each of the four vehicle corners, height sensor feedback values, current target heights, and current valve state, which includes both exhaust and inlet valves, compressor state, switch states for thermal, pressure, inhibit, raise and lower, battery voltage, road speed (KPH/MPH), engine RPM, foot and hand brake switch states, door ajar inputs and the current ride state. It allows the driving of a selection of outputs which not only enables testing of all of the system's valves, but allows deflation and depressurization of the entire system which due to the high pressures involved is crucial to carry out any repair work at all.

ECU Type: Suspension


The EAS (Electronic Air Suspension) system Manufactured by Lucas developed for the Classic Range Rover. When working correctly, the system gives the vehicle a level of ride comfort and adjustability that sets it apart, but sadly the system is very prone to problems especially as it ages and large bills at dealerships are not uncommon.

Land Rover Range Rover MK I (Classic) All with EAS Red 14 CUX / EAS

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