Product Code : SM024

EUR 89.00 (excl. VAT)
EUR 105.91 (incl. VAT)

The CCU (Central Control Unit) is made by Lucas and is fitted in the Freelander. Its correct designation is the 27VT. It has a huge range of settings governing every aspect of its operation and a large number of drivable outputs. It also has an RF test and a plip learn function.

ECU Type: Body Control


The CCU, manufactured by Lucas is one of a range of Basic body control ECUs manufactured specifically to suit specific models. It takes care of many vehicle functions such as Alarm & immobilization, central locking and windows, instruments, lights, wash and wipe. It clips directly onto the back of the fuse box where connectors on one side mate directly with plugs molded into the fuse panels rear.

Land Rover Freelander ALL Black OBDII Lead

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