Product Code : SM027

EUR 96.00 (excl. VAT)
EUR 114.24 (incl. VAT)

The HEVAC (Heating and Ventilation & Air Conditioning) management system, designed by Valeo.

ECU Type: Climate Control (HEVAC)


Custom Manufactured by Valeo for the P38 Range Rover as an Air condition control module option on everything except the very base model, which has only 3 rotary controls on its facia instead of this quite large LCD panel. Sadly the system seems a source of endless problems on this vehicle with Blend flaps and distribution flaps jamming sometimes burning out the motors if left too long before being repaired. This is especially common in hot countries where the dash has been subject to high temperatures and the Heater box warps slightly causing the flaps to jam. Often these can be easily freed up and the system re calibrated.

Attention: If the BECM is unlocked, the vehicle server might not be able to communicate with this ECU. In order to bypass this, unplug the white connector (the one nearest to the front) located under the driver seat (RHD) under a removable panel in the fuse box.

Land Rover Range Rover MK II (P38) Not all models have a Hevac Unit Black OBDII Lead

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