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The GS2.38 Automatic Gearbox management system, designed by Bosch, and fitted on both petrol and diesel versions of the New Range Rover up until the introduction of the 1999 MY. At this point, not only did the Motronic Petrol engine management supersede the GEMS petrol engine management but the Automatic gearbox for the petrol engine was also updated to the GS8.87.1 gearbox management system. The diesel versions still retain this earlier system.

ECU Type: Automatic Gearbox (Transmission)


The Bosch GS 2.38 Electronic Gearbox control system has only ever been found to be fitted to the P38 Range Rover. It is only fitted to this vehicle whenever it is Automatic and has either a Gems Petrol engine management or an EDC Diesel engine management system. After 1999 the P38 petrol engine management was changed to Motronic 5.2.1which has CAN bus communication capability ECU. However as the GS 2.38 does not have Can bus capability the system used in this vehicle was changed to the GS8.87.1 This system has quite limited self diagnostic capability.

Land Rover Range Rover MKII (P38) Petrol > 1999 Black OBDII Lead
Land Rover Range Rover MKII (P38) Diesel > 2002 Black OBDII Lead

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