Product Code : SM030

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The later and much improved Bosch Automatic Gearbox Control used in automatic versions of the Discovery series II. It features a Can Bus connection to other ECUs within the vehicle and therefore uses far more information to determine shift patterns and change points. It has an intelligent self learning adaptive feature and it has a substantial fault code memory which can be read and cleared. It also has a huge range of inputs and adaptive values which can be seen dynamically. Of course there are functions to reset all stored adaptations and obtain a range of values and numbers stored within the ECU.

ECU Type: Automatic Gearbox (Transmission)


Manufactured by Bosch, this ECU appears to compliment the Motronic M5.2.1 Engine management system. Not being Flash Programmable, there are two near identical systems sub numbered .0 and .1 with the main difference between the two being different shift points, different Gear lever switch inputs, and current gear indicator outputs. This version was fitted to all Automatic versions of the Discovery series II. It is an adaptive unit, which means that it learns and stores the driving habits of the owner and adapts to suit their driving style as well as overcome variations in engine power, etc which can be reset with this module. This ECU does support some OBDII compliant fault codes as well as a large number of codes outside of the standard which this module accesses.

Land Rover Discovery II All Automatics Black OBDII Lead

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