Product Code : SM031

EUR 89.00 (excl. VAT)
EUR 105.91 (incl. VAT)

This is for the small green programmable, stand alone alarm module fitted to Discoveries and Defenders and is denoted by the vehicle having two buttons on its key fob or PLIP. Manufactured by Lucas, its correctly designated name is the 10AS. It does not really have the same kind of fault code memory as other systems but does store a list of the last 5 events which caused the alarm to trigger, allowing faults which cause false alarms to be more easily traced. It gives a huge range of dynamic information values and an even bigger range of configurable settings which alter just about every imaginable aspect of the immobilisation, alarm, and central door locking functionality. A vast assortment of codes for the immobilisation links with differing engine management ECUs, key fobs (plips) and other usages is also available as well as a range of drivable outputs and internal functions such as allowing new PLIPS to be registered to the alarm system (learn mode), and learning codes from engine ECUs for immobilisation requirements. This will cover all 10AS ECUs excluding MY 2013 onwards Defenders, from VIN: EA000001

ECU Type: Anti-Theft (Alarms and Security)


This Alarm, which is always housed in a green enclosure, besides performing the usual Alarm functions, also forms the intelligent immobilisation link to a number of different Engine Management systems. It also performs Central Locking control functions however some versions have the required components omitted for this. The degree of adjustability of this alarm is extensive and in some applications such as the TD5 Defenders, the functionality is reduced to little more than an automatic engine mobilising box. In this instance the purchase of a key fob and activation of the alarm features adds instant alarm capabilities to the vehicle.

Land Rover Discovery Upto 1996 Black OBDII Lead
Land Rover Defender All With 2 Button FOB Black OBDII Lead


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