HW022 VCI 1 Rocaom Pro

Product Code : BBHW022

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In order to communicate with a Vehicle system, our Rovacom Lite Vehicle Servers require to be connected to it via a Vehicle Communications Interface (VCI) that converts logic / voltage levels, provides suitable drive and protection for data and routes data flow to and from the right pins.

A VCI 1 is required for all vehicles, other than the CAN BUS based Vehicles Disco 3/ LR3, Disco 4/ LR4, Range Rover Sport, L322 Range Rover after 2005 and 2007 on Defender which would use the VCI 2 CAN BUS VCI that is built into its own OBDII plug.

Uniquely, the FAULTMATE MSV-2 Vehicle servers are also available with a Built in VCI 1 which is recommended as a more sensible approach and saves money because it negates the need to purchase and add this External in line version of the VCI 1 between the Vehicle server and the vehicle diagnostic socket connection leads as all other systems do. However it can also be purchased and used as an external add on with FAULTMATE MSV-2?s that do not have the built in VCI 1 if working on pre 2005 models.

This VCI 1 is equipped with 4040 UNC jack posts to allow leads equipped with screws to be more firmly attached to it.