HW023 VCI1 Faultmate SV - MV

Product Code : BBHW023

Was EUR 86.00  (excl. VAT)
EUR 39.95 (excl. VAT)
EUR 47.54 (incl. VAT)


Not to be used with the Faultmate MSV-2 unless you have a Server without VCI (HW015 or HW017) and now you require to work on a pre 2005 model. We highly recommend purcashing a server with built in VCI if you do not already own one, unless you only intend to work on post 2005 CAN BUS vehicles. This in-line VCI 1 can be used with vehicle servers which do not have the internal VCI 1. Note: Must not be used on vehicle servers with internal VCI 1's fitted, as this combination will damage the units.