LD022 BLACK OBD lead

Product Code : BBLD022

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This Black OBDII lead is always used in conjunction with a VCI 1 to provide a connection from the Vehicle Server to the standard 16 Pin OBDII or SAE J1972 connector which is commonly found fitted on most vehicles built from around 1994 onwards. From 2005, with the introduction of Vehicles using the CAN BUS for diagnostics, this VCI 1 / OBDII lead combination is no longer used and an all in one VCI 2 which is built into an OBDII connector plug body used instead.

This lead can also be used with an EAS Kicker.

Please note that although the connector of this lead is a standard OBDII type the systems we access that are wired to the connector typically do not actually conform to any standard OBDII wiring protocol.

This lead also incorporates a pair of standard 4-40 UNC jack screws to allow it to be more securely attached to the VCI 1 which has mating 4-40UNC jack posts.

This is a short, light duty lead which is manufactured with economy in mind. We have now replaced this lead in all our Single Vehicle Kits with the longer and more sturdy LD027. While LD022 is suitable for use by system owners, enthusiasts and DIY mechanics with infrequent use requirements we do strongly recommend spending that little bit more for the LD027. LD022 is not and has never been suitable for business/garage type environments, and for which the heavier duty version is a more sensible selection.