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The BECM (Body Electric's Control Module) is a very large, expensive and sophisticated control unit fitted exclusively to Range Rovers MKII (P38). It controls just about every single item of the vehicle. It has a very limited fault memory facility but has unbelievably endless dynamic information input values.

ECU Type: Body Control


A very Large ECU found under the seat of all P38 Range Rovers (1995 to 2002). This ECU has almost certainly been custom designed by Rover specifically for this vehicle and forms the mainstay of the vehicles operation. It was one of the first dedicated Body control units fitted in production vehicles and it unites nearly all of the other vehicle system ECUs used in the vehicle in respect of Messaging capabilities and data exchange. Although diagnostically it is seen and treated as one single large ECU, primarily due to the fact that it handles so many functions within the vehicle it connects and controls number of other smaller control units located around the car using its own mini parallel data bus. These Outstations as they are known are the Instrument Pack, Centre Console switch pack, Left and Right Door controls and electric seat controllers (where electric seats are fitted). Interestingly this ECU was the first ECU that Land Rover had designed to have a number of programmable options so that one single ECU could be used for different engine configurations and for different markets to meet the legislative requirements of each simply by having its programming altered. They also added some luxury options of their own to turn on and off depending upon specification such as one touch functionality, Trip computer and so on. With Testbook the user gets only the choice of country, and whether Fog Lamps, Trip computer and sunroof are fitted or not. However our software module allows for near infinite possibilities as each and every single possibility is provided for checking and modification exactly as desired allowing every enhancement to be activated. There is also a seemingly endless amount of inputs and outputs which can be used to check functionality.

Attention: If the BECM is unlocked, it can inhibit the diagnostic communication with other systems. The solution is to disconnect temporarily the diagnostic bus from the BECM. Remove the fuse box panel (on the side of the driver's seat) and unplug the white connector nearest the front of the vehicle. If The BECM is Locked Communication with the system is not possible while the engine is running.


Vehicle Make Vehicle Model Vehicle Variant Diagnostic Lead
Land Rover Range Rover MKII (P38) All Models Black OBDII Lead


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