Product Code : SM023

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The Body Control Unit (BCU) is made by Valeo and fitted in the Discovery series II. It is a very sophisticated unit which is incredibly flexible in the way its operation can be changed to suit different vehicle options and market legislations. Besides handling all possible general and body functions such as lights and wipers it also handles all alarm and locking functions as well as the dashboard which is in itself an intelligent programmable unit. An unbelievably huge range of options and settings can be read and changed as is the changing of just about any stored information that can be imagined. A huge range of dynamic input values can be monitored and a matching set of outputs can be controlled. The handling of all of the key fob data for the five possible key fobs together with their rolling code step information is outstanding, going far beyond any other known capabilities.

ECU Type: Body Control


The heart of the Discovery series 2, he Valeo BCU has been custom produced for this application and takes care of nearly everything not catered for by independent systems. There are actually different versions with slightly different capabilities and functionality , however this is handled totally transparently and cleverly capability has been built in that allows settings to be crossed from one ECU version to another.

Land Rover Discovery II All Black OBDII Lead

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