Defender Pack

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This item is a Single Vehicle (By VIN) software license to cover all systems with built in self diagnostic capability on any year or any variant of Defender (excluding the 10AS alarm fitted on MY 2014 onwards Defenders, from VIN: EA000001).

Here is a list of all our modules that are applicable to the above Model range. Some systems will always be fitted (Mandatory), some are fitted according to model, year or engine type (Alternative) and some are optional (Optional) according to model or customer selection. Presence of the main control unit signifying the fitting of any given vehicle system in any particular vehicle must be confirmed by running our Vehicle Scan module to diagnostically detect it. Click on the links below each System Name for more detailed information about the capabilities of each module

Software Module Vehicle System Name Vehicle System Type   Fitment Qualification More Info
SM001 Lucas GEMS EMS Engine Management System Alternative V8 North America Spec. & 50th Anniversary Models
SM095 Bosch M52 MS41 Petrol Soth African Spec. Only
SM002 Lucas Mems EMS 2.0 SP1 DOHC 16V Petrol Italian Spec. Only
SM010 Lucas TD5 EMS  All TD5 Diesel
SM008 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Optional Diesel '95
SM033 WABCO D Type ABS/ETC Anti-Lock Braking / Traction Control Optional All Vehicles '99 Onwards
SM031 Lucas 10AS Alarm Anti-Theft Alarms / Security Optional All Vehicles '99 Onwards
SM133 CAN BUS ECU set All ECUs on CAN BUS Mandatory All Vehicles '07 Onwards