Discovery II Single Vehicle kit with NANO Vehicle Server

Product Code : SV126

EUR 580.35 (excl. VAT)
EUR 690.62 (incl. VAT)


This item is a kit, comprising of a Nano Vehicle Server, all other required Hardware and a Single Vehicle (By VIN) software license to completely cover all systems with built in diagnostic capability on any variant of Discovery Series II to the most complete capability we can provide.

Should any further accessories be required such as a USB to serial converter (as many new PCs do not have serial ports) power supplies, extension leads etc, these can be found in the general accessories section along with a very attractively priced selection of PC hardware, including used Panasonic rugged laptops.

Software Module Vehicle System Name Vehicle System Type   Fitment Qualification More Info
SM010 Lucas TD5  Engine Management SystemEngine Alternative All Diesel
SM009 Bosch Motronic M5 2.1 EMS All Petrol
SM030 Bosch Auto Box GS8.87.0 Transmission Alternative All Auto Gearboxes
SM023 VALEO BCU Body Control Mandatory All Vehicles
SM015 TRW SPS (Type 2A / DiscoII) Safety Restraint Systems (Airbag) Mandatory All Vehicles
SM016 WABCO SLABS ABS & EAS (Anti-Lock Braking / traction Control) Mandatory All Vehicles
SM032 Lucas ACE Suspension Optional All Vehicles
SM038 Webasto Fuel Burning Heater - Hevac Climate Control Optional All Vehicles
SM039 HELLA Cruise Control (Other Systems) Optional All Vehicles