Freelander 1 Single Vehicle kit with EXTREME Vehicle Server

Product Code : SV227

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This item is a kit, comprising of an "EXTREME" Vehicle Server, all other required Hardware and a Single Vehicle (By VIN) software license to completely cover all systems with built in diagnostic capability on any variant of Freelander to the most complete capability we can provide.

This diagnostic system is licensed for use on one single (per VIN) vehicle only. The system must not be used on any other vehicle or on any ECU from another vehicle.

For a system to communicate with multiple vehicles, of the same or different models please see our modular FaultMate MSV-2.

Should any further accessories be required such as a USB to serial converter (as many new PCs do not have serial ports) power supplies, extension leads etc, these can be found in the general accessories section along with a very attractively priced selection of PC hardware, including used Panasonic rugged laptops.

Software Module Vehicle System Name Vehicle System Type   Fitment Qualification More Info
SM002 Lucas MEMS EMS Engine Management System Alternative All 4 Cyl. Petrol up to 2000
SM003 Lucas MEMS 3 EMS All 4 Cyl. Petrol 2001 Onwards
SM007 Bosch EDC All Diesel up to 2001
SM036 Bosch DDE4 TD4 Diesel 2001 Onwards
SM037 Siemens EMS All V6 Petrol excl. NAS Spec.
SM084 Siemens EMS V6 Petrol NAS Spec Only
SM004 JATCO Auto Box Transmition Mandatory All Automatics
SM014 SAGEM AC4 Air Bag Alternative From 1998 to 2002
SM071 Siemens Airbag 1 All Vehicles 2002 Onwards
SM017 WABCO D Type RR ABS/ETC Anti-Lock Braking Traction Control Alternative All Vehicles up to 2001
SM043 Teves ATE MK20/MK25 ABS/ETC All Vehicles 2001 Onwards
SM044 EWS 3D Immobiliser Anti-Theft Alarms / Security Alternative All Vehicles 2001 - 2003
SM099 SAWDOC Immobiliser Anti-Theft All Vehicles Mid 2003 Onwards
SM024 Lucas 27VT CCU Body Control Mandatory All Vehicles
SM038 Webasto Fuel Burning Heater HEVAC Climate Control Optional Optional after 2000 Cold Climate Pack
SM041 IPAC Type1 Instrumentation Mandatory From 2001 onwards
SM039 HELLA Cruise Control Other Mandatory All V6 Petrol