L322 02-04 Single Vehicle kit with EXTREME Vehicle Server

Product Code : SV220

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This item is a kit, comprising of an "EXTREME" Vehicle Server, all other required Hardware and a Single Vehicle (By VIN) software license to completely cover all systems with built in diagnostic capability on any variant of 2002 to 2004 L322 to the most complete capability we can provide. Please note that if you have a 2005 vehicle with the later touch screen display, you need the 2005 on kits. See http://www.rangerovers.net/modelspecs/L322/2005.html .

This diagnostic system is licensed for use on one single (per VIN) vehicle only. The system must not be used on any other vehicle or on any ECU from another vehicle.

For a system to communicate with multiple vehicles, of the same or different models please see our modular Fault Mate MSV-2.

Should any further accessories be required such as a USB to serial converter (as many new PCs do not have serial ports) power supplies, extension leads etc, these can be found in the general accessories section along with a very attractively priced selection of PC hardware, including used Panasonic rugged laptops.

Here is a list of all our modules that are applicable to the above Model range. Some systems will always be fitted (Mandatory), some are fitted according to model, year or engine type (Alternative) and some are optional (Optional) according to model or customer selection. Presence of the main control unit signifying the fitting of any given vehicle system in any particular vehicle must be confirmed by running our Vehicle Scan module to diagnostically detect it. Click on the links below each System Name for more detailed information about the capabilities of each module.

Software Module Vehicle System Name Vehicle System Type   More Info
SM042 GM3 BCU Body Control Mandatory
SM044 Anti-Theft EWS 3D Immobiliser Alarms / Security Mandatory
SM045 ABS / ETC Bosch DSC5.7 Anti-Lock Braking/Traction Control Mandatory
SM073 Bosch DDE4 EMS Engine Management System Alternative
SM046 Bosch ME7.2 Petrol EMS Mandatory
SM047 IPAC Type 2 Instrumentation Mandatory
SM048 WABCO EAS (NRR) Suspension Mandatory
SM049 Safety Restraint Systems MRS4 Airbag Mandatory
SM050 Auto Gearbox Siemens Transfer Box Transmission Alternative
SM051 Auto Gearbox Bosch GS8.60.1
SM075 Auto Gearbox Siemens Auto Gearbox 1
SM052 Steering Angle Steering Mandatory
SM053 Steering Lock
SM054 Steering Wheel
SM055 Bi Xenon Headlights Lighting Optional
SM058 Light Check Module Mandatory
SM066 Headlamp Levelling
SM074 Webasto Fuel Burning Heater (Config.2) Climate Control Optional
SM062 HEVAC 2 (NRR) Mandatory
SM057 Digital Sound Processor Audio / Video Optional
SM059 Telephone Optional
SM061 Radio Mandatory
SM063 Speech Recognition Optional
SM064 Multi-Information Display Alternative
SM065 Multi Function Display
SM067 Satellite Navigation Unit Optional
SM068 Television Tuner Optional
SM056 Park Distance Contro Other Optional
SM060 Memory Seats Optional
SM069 Rain Sensor Optional